Photography by Jim and Frieda | About Us


      After a 29-year career in the Army followed by 21 years operating a portrait studio, we embarked on a career in nature photography.  Jim has been doing nature photography since his teenage years, and both he and Frieda, his wife of more than 50 years, are just as excited about nature photography as we were about our other endeavors.  It fuels our love of travel, while enabling our passion to use photography to share the beauty of God’s world.

     Jim is a graduate of the Washington School of Photography and is one of only about 2000 Professional Photographers certified by the Professional Photographers of America.  He attends several seminars and workshops each year to stay abreast of the best practices and trends in the field.  We regularly introduce new products to be sure our clients have contemporary choices as well as the tried and true classical things that we still love.

      We live in Huntsville, Alabama, and travel throughout our beautiful country, particularly the Southeast, searching for subjects and exhibiting at art shows.