Photography by Jim and Frieda | About the Artist

Jim Solomon

               Jim has enjoyed photography for as long as he can remember.  Twenty-nine years in the Army with several overseas tours gave him the opportunity to travel and photograph in many countries where he began to hone his skills.  Deciding that he wanted to pursue a career in photography when he retired from the military, he attended the Washington School of Photography completing its professional program in 1993, and became a full-time professional in 1996. He and his wife of over 50 years, Frieda, along with his daughter, Tracie, operated a portrait studio in Huntsville, Alabama, for 21 years.  After passing their rigorous examination, he has been declared a Certified Professional Photographer by the Professional Photographers of America.

       His love of the outdoors and outdoor photography, both scenic and wildlife, has really bloomed over the last few years. He has studied with Will Clay and Bill Lea among other great outdoor photographers. He wants to use his photography to show the beauty of the world God created. 

      He resides in Huntsville, Alabama, and travels throughout the country, particularly the Southeast, to find his subjects.  Jim ProfileJim Profile